Assignment#5 – Brief



Story behind the pictures

I had an idea to tell a short story for youngest population through 7 colorful images. Since I  have to tell  bedtime story every evening I often make up my own ones so I decided to tell one of them through pictures. This could be described as “Adventures of little hedgehog Bocko” or “Bocko is getting to know world around him” or “First seven days out of tree trunk”.

Day 1 -Bocko is a small hedgehog who lives in the hollow tree trunk with his mother. He is eager to get out and meet the world he knew only from his mother’s stories. One day his mother Mrs. Hedgehog decided to take Bocko to see a forest for the first time. He was so excited.

Day 2 – Bocko is thrilled that he can finally see where all those delicious fruits come from. He tasted some new fruits for the first time.

Day 3 – Bocko meets a new spiky friend, his cousin porcupine

Day 4 – His mother takes him to the water where he is standing on a rock, drink water while mother eats some fresh leaves.

Day 5 – Mrs Hedgehog heard some sounds and told Bocko “Quick Bocko we have to roll into the ball when we feel we are in danger. It was Mrs Wild Boar who told them not to worry as she didn’t mean to frighten them. She thought maybe Bocko would like to play tomorrow with her daughter Lila.

Day 6 – Bocko is excited to meet his new friend Lila

Day 7 – It is time to go home and Bocko is amazed by the world around him. He can’t wait to go for a more discoveries.






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