Exercise#2: Editorial Illustration

I went to the newsstand in order to find some magazine that have a lot of illustrations. It was Monday so I was late for newspaper’s Sunday edition that was full of aphorisms, visual metaphors and short stories accompanied with illustrations but since I live in the small flat I moved my pile of magazines to grandma’s house. With  limited choice in my own place I headed toward the newsstand to collect some other magazine examples. After going through some expensive foreign magazines (which didn’t have so much illustrations inside) I picked this children magazine that evoked my memories. Once upon a time it was a reason why Wednesday was my favorite day of the week as new edition was waiting for me to pick it. At that time, 20 years ago, it looked different but the content is equally interesting and versatile so it was a real pleasure to read even now when I am grown up.

I made some small selection of articles that had interesting images and I am going to show them here. This is magazine called “Mali Zabavnik” that has a long history and tradition and it marked mine and other people’s childhood.


This is a black and white illustration that has narrative base and it goes with an extract from the story of Joachim Friedrich. Story describes a life of a boy, his relationship with fellow students and family, his adolescent’s worries and a love he felt for a little baby boy from the neighborhood.


This second illustration of mosquito goes with an informational article about why we have a itchy skin after mosquito bites. The mosquito is portrayed with rather evil grim and little compressed proboscis which suggests its action that recently took place.



I like a lot this upper left illustration of grandma playing a game of knitting on the computer. This whole page is about computer  games, its limitations in history and its high accessibility and suitability to every population. Today we can choose whether we will play games on Facebook, smart phone, consoles and there are variety of games adjusted to everyone.



Here is one interesting magazine article about vampires and myths that have roots back in 18th century. One of those legends is about farmer Sava Savanovic and its allegedly bloody vampire’s attacks that  took place in his old water mill. This legend was a base for a Serbian horror movie “Butterfly”. According to legend, good-looking, respectable and wealthy  Sava fell in love with a beautiful young girl but her father was against this marriage because of age difference. Allegedly enraged Sava killed the girl and villagers killed him in revenge. He later turned himself into a vampire attacking people for the next 99 years. I like this collage technique illustration that portrays distorted evil face and big white fangs.


After the vampire horror story, this one is about one of the greatest mind of all time- Isaak Newton. From the early childhood in England to the greatest inventions. This narrative illustration is about  famous legend about apple that fell into his head and gave him idea about gravitation.

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