Assignment 4 – Magazine illustration – Reserach

Considering the history of alphabet we know that everything started from the images on cave walls which means that reading image is deeply rooted in our gens. Apart from really beautiful and versatile typography and the its significance for mankind, imagery remains as universal language for the whole human population. When looking through magazines and books, picture is what catches our eye first so I do not have to explain too much why is editorial illustration has a key role when it comes to drawing attention. Although development of photography grabbed the market there are things that are strongly described in visual language by illustration which allows more freedom in visual expression. That is the reason why illustration could never be deposed from the throne. Its critical and witty manner in a form of narrative enriched with variety of tools, materials and techniques create conditions for endless experiments and imagination.

Bellow I presented some artworks I found throughout my internet research. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the names of all authors like for first five images but it is clearly by the unique personal style that they belong to same artist. I love the richness and complexity of design along with strong characters that perfectly depict the mood and situation.






Here are editorial illustrations of Marcos Chin that I found interesting both for its visual appearance and conveying message.





This is the illustration of Melinda Beck for Restaurant Birthday which was published in magazine. It attracted me for its simplicity in shapes in colors and use of different interesting details put together to tell the whole  story.

melindabeck-Restaurant Birthday


Bellow are artworks of Thomas James which was used as editorial illustrations. These visual metaphors are socially and politically engaged done in a simple manner but with strong messages.


ThomasJames-Break up Big Banks

ThomasJames-Classic music snob


ThomasJames-Labour unions middle class


thomasJames-Medical deduction whitled




This is another one good visual metaphor that drew my attention. Done by Shonagh Rae, it is successful both in visual and narrative way.

Shonagh Rae - Financial Times


Amazing and inspiring work of Ciara Phelan whose passion for paper craft, textile patterns and vintage ephemera is obvious in her colorful, dynamic and unique artworks.









HarryCambell - Mail Supremacy

Marie Holdaway/ I am Marie editorial illustration for Frankie magazine



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