Favorite illustration in watercolour



Basically I could chose any of Natalia’s  illustration as my favorite since every artwork of her shows a great range of skills and understanding of watercolor as a medium. In this particular illustration she demonstrated her ability to successfully portray cloth, glass, metal, white porcelain plate and fresh delicious food. Metal surface shows different  reflection of  objects nearby so combining different cold and warm grays and leaving white of the paper as highlights creates the impression of real metal fork. Highlights and soft gray tones are also used in creating a glass surface of a bottle of oil. Shadows in soft green yellow and blue-gray perfectly creates illusion of white porcelain plate placed in white cloth with soft folds.

This is wonderful work, it is obvious that she is also master in drawing which is foundation for good watercolor work. Great sense for light and shadow, deep understanding as a result of good practice enabled her to get the best of this media.

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