Tang Yau Hoong as a source of inspiration

I will introduce here one inspiring artist whose work I follow on Behance. Tang Yau Hoong is illustrator, graphic designer and artist with a great ability to create work that is intellectually engaging, visually balanced, powerful in its simplicity. When I first saw his work I was mesmerized with his ideas which derived from the richness of his mind and its possibilities to put together pieces that don’t seem connectable.  And this excellence is exactly main characteristic of great creative minds in any field. I especially like his visual metaphors which are done in simple way using limited color palette and  but they are very clear in narrative way.

Ernest Hemingway

I love the way how he integrated main concepts of the topic into one harmonious unity. Artwork is strengthened further by using the combination of yellow and black that creates strong visual contrast so Hoong has proved to be  master of balance and good ideas.

Feather of Life

This artwork is called Feather of Life and it provokes peaceful and calming feelings when look at it. He used different shades of blue to depict freedom and peace of nature and it clearly reminds me on Asian watercolor style which I like very much.

In nostalgic mood

Another great descriptive artwork called “In nostalgic mood”. Dark figure on white background on the lower part draws attention because of its contrast and create good visual dynamic with dark violet space. I also love that delicate transition from dark smoke to the vastness of space.

Little Red Riding Hood

This one was one of my favorite illustrations. I had it on my mind several times when I was developing ideas. I love its simplicity that gathers all elements viewers need to be aware of.

Lost Memory

Another artwork called “Lost Memory” is characterized by unity of nice curved shapes, good contrast of neutral background and hot color. Additional visual richness is achieved by combining textures which I really like as it have that little nostalgic and passionate effect.

Erotic Literarture

“Erotic Literature”. Needless to explain why this works amazing in its simplicity of shapes and colors.


“Moustacheville” is a title of this surreal illustration where one shape is used as a building block in order to portray the scene that has trees, birds, path. I also love the texture that add interest and some fairy-tale feel.

Sky Invader


Illustration called “Sky Invaders” has a strong metaphorical meaning alluding to overgrowing of cities and industry that endanger already weakened Eco system. Dark skyscrapers forms the monster from the piece of sky that has black clouds as eyes. This is very powerful illustration that illustrates the consequences of digital development and mass production.

Sound of Nature


“The sound of the nature”  is beautiful and strong piece of artwork that once again represents his intelligent way of combining diverse element into perfect harmony while preserving simplicity as his trademark.

Swing with Music


“Swing with Music” is another result of his “thinking out of box” method and I love it.

The Sound of Nature


Another illustration called “Sound of the Nature” , absolutely amazing as an idea and it also has roots in classic Asian art. Contrast between boat and landscape emphasizes human need to get close to nature.



This illustration is called “Vengeance” and its portrays in very descriptive way the consequences of clearing forests.

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