Assignment 2 – Final work and critique



Autumn Fruit


Summer Vegetables

A few words to summarize the whole process

This working process interspersed with a joy and sometimes a little fear was extremly valuable experience that gave me better view into where I am now when it comes to my artistic aspirations. I forced myself to be more open toward some more radical solution and to consider some option I was avoiding in the past. The best part was exploring different  media and learning to combine them in order to get more interesting effect. I learned that I can successfully combine watercolor as a base with pastel and colored pencils. Pastel can be great base for colored pencils but I also learned that colored pencils can not be base for either of these media because of wax and oil. I learned a lot about paper and how it can be fragile when it is not of right thickness and how its surface affecting the whole process of drawing. As for my final result I must admit that I surprised myself when it comes to summer vegettables since I was more prone to use subtle tones and this is very colorful but I wanted to push myself to risk and do something diffent from what I usualy do.

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