Exercise#11: Visual Metaphors






While searching for visual metaphors I encountered on many interesting illustrations however Matt Kenyon’s work is one that really amazed me.  His limited color pallet illustrations are socially engaged, provocative and eye catching with clear messages Subordinate colors create a good visual dynamic with elements that should draw audience attention.


I like the way how he portrayed rise and growth of Africa. Subtleness and neutrality of blue tones emphasizes the Africa as a green tree.


In this illustration he looked back at pollution made by enormous productivity of China. He presented growth in red which is dominant here and it is shaded with a smoke.  Soft neutral green gives good contrast and visual dynamic.


I really love this idea, its simplicity and intelligence in same time. Again red object (key) is a part that grabs attention while other colors are subtle and more neutral. This illustration is about generation who has no support from a welfare state, and I think this is fantastic visual metaphor.


This illustration is about cuts in funding for disability care. It looks chilling just as consequences of such decision. This is an example of strong and striking picture that needs no words.


This is about mutual destruction among warring parties in US and it is another great metaphorical way of visual expression.


Unfortunately this is a major price that young models pay when working under the terror of fashion industry. This major issue often faces criticism but it seems that nothing changes. Some of the most beautiful and iconic women of 20th century would be declared fat according to this depraved standards. Kenyon accentuated low sizes with red in order to point that something might look wrong here.


This illustration refers to blacklisting of employees in some companies. He depicted people that  are simply crossed out  like items.


This picture condemned drug treatment of mentally ill people presenting the drug capsule as captivity from where they cannot escape. Nice shiny pink pills stand out from contrasting subtle background drawing attention to the key point.


Discrimination against pregnant women at workplace is portrayed through this simple but very strong illustration.


This is about new era where European migration goes toward East pointing on great productivity of eastern countries.


This illustration about terrible treatment of workfare employees show shoe prints on vanished human faces that clearly points on humiliation and domination over employees.


Escaping Eurozone crises is figuratively presented as a getting away from a monster whose shape is like euro sign. I like the idea and motion pictured in this illustration. Good choice of colors creates enough contrast while preserving simplicity.


This interesting work about European agreement that probably won’t save the Eurozone crisis is metaphorically pictured through this sinking ship.

The newspaper cuttings shown bellow are from my notebook where I have been collecting aphorisms, poems, quotations and illustration.


Those images are included with text about Belgrade exhibition of caricatures.


This is very good story that connects new bridge in Belgrade and ordinary citizens. It’s made by Goran Divac from the newspaper “Vecernje Novosti”.

Source: http://www.mattkenyon.co.uk/index.php?page=NEWS&filter=LATEST&img=813

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