Poetry in shapes of Irina Vinnik

Among my favorite contemporary artists such as AJ Frena, Liam O’Farrell, Clint Reid, Dima Rebus, Gregorz Wrobel I would choose again Irina Vinnik and her unique sophisticated style inspired by art nouveaux. I have already posted some of her work on the blog for my last course and I really think she is an amazing artist whose ornamental curved lines create richness and depth. She managed to accomplish such a fullness in her work using only ink ( although she works with a range of media equally successful as with ink and pencil.) Since I love art nouveaux as part of history of graphic design, I love the way how she developed her style based on what is often called Mucha’s movement.

Artworks such as these require calmed and loosen hand which should be in coordination with eyes in order to get natural fluidity of lines as well as many patience and imagination. Her abstract style clearly has root in natural forms and that combination is exactly what I find fantastic.   She worked with other media such as watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencils.









Source: http://vinnik.net/index.html

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